Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Take a Vacation!

When I was in college, all the preppy gals sported Very Bradley duffels for weekends away. I had a lot of weekends away either visiting my boyfriend (yes, the one who is now my husband) or my parents (where I went to escape college life, which, admittedly, was not for me). I haven't really replaced the girly girl weekend bag of yore. These days I often use a roller bag, which is decidedly un-chic. It is pure function. So, if I were going to step it up and get a grownup bag for my weekend travels, here are some excellent options. 
This C. Wonder number is my favorite. Classic and simple, and affordable.

I also like canvas bags as they heaken to my prepster roots.

boat and tote . j.mclaughlin . ll bean signature
Does anyone out there not own a Boat and Tote? Order one immediately. Monogram it. Use it and love it.

Filson is my husband's bag company of choice. These bags would be great for men or women:
jack wills . green filson . brown filson
When I become a billionnaire, I think I will definitely need a sophisticated train case.

Louis Vuitton would do. But, the piece de resistance, would be Goyard. Of course, it would not say Los Angeles, but this orange is divine.
At the San Fransico Goyard store, there is a stack of these babies right on the street! You don't even know how many times I have walked by and thought about stealing one. No one would notice me casually running through Union Square schlepping some monogrammed train cases, right?

Now I just need somewhere to go!

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