Thursday, September 6, 2012

New York Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion week is in full swing, and the who's who of the fashion/blogging/magazine/design world have descended on the city to strut their stuff. Because of my voyeuristic tendencies, I am more interested in what people are wearing on the streets than what they are wearing on the runways. Here are some looks that made my heart go pitter-pat.

Simple and beautiful.  
yummy coat
The mint pants are getting a shout out because they are not skinny. Let's start a revolution of women who hate skinny jeans. I will be your leader. Skinny jean wearer on the right gets a shout out because (minus the pants) I am pretty sure I've worn this exact outfit. 

This hip chic hails from Milan Fashion week, but she is eye-catching in her red lip and neon.   

Olivia's booties are killer. Cobalt pants? Love. Full, wide, beautiful pants? Double love. 

These ladies are keeping summer alive just a while longer. 
image one. zanna roberts rossi. friends!
Jenna Lyons rocking her keys? I wasn't sure, but she is such a goddess, I will always defer to her judgement.
image one. j.crew jenna. image three
And then there were these people. Someone borrowed his granny's sweater...This poor, starving girl forgot her top. Oops. I think she should size down in that sports bra. It looks a little saggy. (Note: faces have been removed to protect the offenders.)
Oh. We can't all make the Best Dressed list, dear. 
scary boots

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