Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings

Though I haven't seen The Help, I think it is nice to start the week with an affirmation. On the night before my first day of work this year, my sister, who was staying with me, climbed into my bed and whispered this in my ear. I was practically peeing in my pants because I was laughing so hard at her weirdness, but the sentiment was beautifully sweet.

This weekend was the perfect balance of fun and doing absolutely nothing. On Saturday night we went to the Kabuki Theater for a film (Moonrise Kingdom). Great place for a cocktail and a movie! How many places offer that combo? It should be every theater, in my opinion. Sunday, we walked along the beach. I generally seem to do my best thinking while walking. Though J. and I did get into a ridiculous tiff about who does more housework, it was one of those moments when I was thinking about what a cool place this city is; you can go from the heart of the city to the beach in no time flat. 

And then, the greatest discovery of the weekend: Breaking Amish. TLC delivers yet again. You need to check it out.

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