Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Musings: Emmy Style

So Sunday night was the Emmy's! And the boobies were out to play! Wowzah.

Christina, Morena, Amy, Zooey, Kat, Heidi, and Emily all brought their A (C/DD) game.

Now, I'm no expert, but I was seriously underwhelemed by the gowns. Really disappointed. When I love someone as much as I love Lena Dunham, I want to cry when I see her making unconscionable fashion choices. Lena, for reals, girl? Nice haircut. And the makeup, also working. It's just the dress. So not worthy of this stellar gal.

Ok. Mayim Bialik has no excuse. She has already appeared on What Not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton made her over and gave her their rules.

And yet she wore this dress. She has clearly thrown the rules out the window. She needs to have her What Not to Wear Visa revoked. Stat. 

Next up: People who looked lovely in ugly dresses.

Tina Fey rocked the oxblood trend. She herself looked beautiful, but I am not impressed by the dress. I honestly never thought I would be admiring Kelly Osborne. Seriously, when did she get that bod? Dang! She is downright skinny. I think matching the hair to the dress was a bold choice. Not my favorite. And then we have Michelle Dockery. I don't like her dress, but she is just so pretty. Appreciate, ya'll. 

Next up: The winners of the night! (And I am writing this before I actually know who won, so we are only concerning ourselves with the style winners, which is all I care about anyway.)

I could never wear this color, and I'm not even sure I like this color, but these lovely ladies rocked it like nobody's business. Clare Danes is pregnant! How glowy is she? I just want to be her. And Leslie Mann accented the lemon with that beautiful turquoise color. Good choice.

J. refers to Jessica Pare as "Zou Bisou Bisou." He thinks that's her name. She looked killer in this dress. So classic. So elegant. Nailed it. Gretchen Mol also looked stunning. How amazeballs are those shoes? Love them! Ginnifer Goodwin channels old Hollywood glamor with her adorable pixie cut. She is also rocking some sweet kicks. These lovely ladies were the gold standard in my eyes.

All in all, not the best night fashion has ever seen. Too bad I wasn't there. I would have kicked it up a notch. Bam. Happy Monday.

images from people!

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