Friday, September 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday

An homage to one of the world's most fabulous and infinite sources of inspiration...Pinterest.

I want, need, have to have a leopard coat.

It's Friday, and this has been a good week. One fabulous thing I want to celebrate is old friends who are like family. My friend visited me this week, and, after not having seen each other in two years, it was like we had just seen each other yesterday (albeit there were a lot of things we needed to catch up on!!). That phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. In a place where I feel like I've had to be "on" all the time for almost a year, it was so refreshing just to be me, no pretense, no "best behavior," no small talk. Sometimes being comfortable is the most fabulous feeling in the world.

Hope you have a happy weekend full of comforting and comfortable moments. See you on Monday!

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