Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings: On Craigslist

Over the weekend, I watched a film called Craigslist Joe. The premise was that in the wake of the economic downturn in this country, a guy in his late 20s sets off to see if community still exists in America. With only Craigslist to find food, shelter, rides, adventure, and the like, he travels across the country for 31 days. Now, Joe finds that people are incredibly generous, and kind, and loving. Joe also tells all these people that he is making a documentary, and he is traveling with a cameraman (who he found guessed it...Craigslist). I have the sneaking suspicion that the fact that he looks well groomed (no visible mental illness), was making a documentary, and was traveling with a camera led people to be on their best behavior. That being said, it was inspirational, and it made me think that I should be spending more time looking for friends on Craigslist (and after a little preliminary research there does seem to be a whole group of people out there looking for friends with whom to go shopping, to the movies, and out to dinner. Who knew?). So, lesson here is that there is a lot of great stuff on Craigslist. There are a lot of nice, normal people offering nice, normal services and even friendship. But, what Joe does not illuminate is that there are a lot of crazy, batshit, cuckoos out there too. Let's examine.

Exhibit A: From the "Missed Connections" category.
Oh, dear. That's not right. Sorry, Casey, wherever you are for further publicizing your humiliation. I don't think this qualifies as a missed connection. Sounds like connection was definitely made.

Exhibit B: This is the "Strictly Platonic" section, mind you.

I suppose it is "non-sexual" peeing, so that might categorize it as "strictly platonic." For your own psychological well-being, I cut out the rest of the ad, which was quite graphic and implied that this was not entirely non-sexual. But, when you're both done relieving yourself in various ways, he'll cook you breakfast, lunch or, dinner. Not bad. More than some men would do. Some men would just pee on you and call it a day.

Exhibit C: This was found in the "Barter" section.

Would you like to start working as a drug dealer? This dude "yielded four and a half lbs of medicine every eight weeks." This seems like a pretty good deal. But, then again, I don't know the going rate of indoor grow systems these days. I've been out of the game for a while. Man just wants a truck...or a bike. Seems fair.

What I hoped we've learned from these exhibits is that while Craigslist Joe found renewed faith in the human race, I found pictures of genitalia that I will never be able to unsee. Make this Monday a good one.

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