Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musing: Ahhhh!

I almost took today off, hung an "out of office sign," and called it a wash. But, I decided that I couldn't do that because there are some people who actually tune in to read these Monday Musings! So, here I am despite my pervasive anxiety about all things new and the blog not being on the forefront of my mind today.

This weekend was the perfect culmination of summer. On Saturday, I headed to Healdsburg for some wine tasting and a great deal of eating. Sunday I started the day with treats from my favorite bakery and then hit up the farmer's market, the Marina for lunch (where there was a Ben Flajnik spotting--my sister almost had an aneurysm) and a walk on the water, and coffee and book browsing in North Beach. There is nothing like having guests to make you take in the city in a way you normally wouldn't.

Tomorrow I am getting busy at work for the first time since mid-June! I think that waking up at 6am will be rough, and the anticipation of ending my blissful routine of late morning reading, naps on the couch, and afternoon strolls through the park has given me slight indigestion. So, I decided to approach Sunday evening with the perspective of the great Elizabeth Taylor. I am sipping my cocktail, picking out the perfect first-day-of-work lipstick, and pulling myself together. Wish me luck!

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