Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If I had $500...

This week, I am going to be featuring some things I would pick out if I got an envelope of money in the mail and had to spend it on myself (it would be so hard to do, but those would be the stipulations (sarcasm alert)). I'll start with $500 (all of these items are under $500), then $200, and finally, I'll end the week with some options under $50. Enjoy!
Today is for big spenders...

The first thing that comes to my mind when I have money to blow is obviously clothes. This jacket is perfect for San Francisco's unpredictable weather, as is this stunning Vince sweater that can be a great layering piece. The tunic seems like it would work for at least three seasons.
Pink loafers? Um yes, please. Tory Burch flats have been on my lust list for years. It might be time to just buy those bad boys already. The pumps are L.K. Bennett, Kate Middleton's signature shoe. Anything to be more like Kate the Great. This necklace is totally impractical and totally gorgeous. Since, fictitiously, I have to spend the money, I would buy it.
I need this. I will buy it. Maybe not this week, but I will be the owner of this ottoman. It is from Target. How big of a splurge can it be?

A few pretty accessories (watch and clutch) will round out my list. 

What would you buy with $500?

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