Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabulous Friday

I am excited! We are about to have visitors! Next week, my parents and my dear sister are coming for an extended weekend, and it is bound to be a great time, as it always is with that troupe. My sister has been posting on Facebook about her excitement.
Okay. This tells you a number of things about us. 1.) I am totally insane. 2.) So is she.

Let's tell the story to which she is referring. Many years ago, the same summer that I got married, I moved into a new apartment. In the excitement surrounding the wedding, we didn't think much about the fact that we had been told that we could store all of our belongings for the summer in a basement, a basement that was clearly very damp. But who can think of humidifiers when peonies and cupcakes have taken over your otherwise sane and rational brain? Fast forward three months, a marriage, honeymoon, and extended vacation later, we returned to the contents of our apartment to find a number of varieties of mold on everything we owned and, to add insult to injury, a few frogs living happily in the little ponds of water that had formed throughout the makeshift structure comprised of my belongings. I nearly had a complete mental breakdown. Imagine me opening MANY shoe boxes to find each and every pair of my beautiful shoes covered in mold (nevermind the furniture--the shoes were ruined, people!). This is when we had G-star to the rescue. She made a face mask out of a sweatshirt, pulled on some rubbed gloves, and cleaned that room out. Then she headed to the bathroom, which looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years, and bleached the s**** out of that place while still sporting her haz-mat suit. She's good people.

In other fabulousness this week, I spent the day yesterday cruising around in my lovely friend's new red convertible. I always thought CA living demanded a red convertible, and now I know that I am right. Life is just not as sunny in a Hyundai.

Happy Friday. Hope it's fabulous. I have a lot of cleaning to do! See you next week!

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