Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Friday: To New Beginnings

First things first: This is my 100th post. HOORAY! Pretty freakin' fabulous!

And now for the serious stuff...
You may recall that I landed an awesome new job some months ago. And now it is almost time to start working at that job. As in I only have this weekend left...As in I start on Monday. I was offered this job a year ago and turned in down in exchange for what I thought could potentially be a different kind of good opportunity. It turned out to be the year from hell. Oops. So, when this job presented itself again at my doorstep, I was not going to be foolish enough to turn it down twice. And I didn't.

But, now that it is time to get going, I am having masses of insecurity and anxiety over whether I am going to cut it. Let's put it this way, I am always having masses of insecurity over something (usually my appearance, or my ability to make small talk at parties, or dust), but my professional competency and brain power are not two of the things that usually get my panties in a bunch. In fact, I generally feel that I am good at my job and know what I'm doing. This time, I feel like I'm playing in the big leagues, with the big boys and girls, at the level I always wanted to play. That being said, playing in the big leagues means higher expectations, higher standards, and more people who are exceptionally competent and possess exceptional brain power, which should be a good thing because who wouldn't want to surround themselves with those kind of people? Surely I have been wanting to. So, why the cold feet, I ask myself?

Because I am a perfectionist. And I am competetive (even with myself). And I want to rock it. When I think about why I am nervous it is ultimately because I care so much. Because I want to become one of those exceptionally competent people. And, I do know that the only way to push myself to that level is to dive in with other people who are doing it. In fact, this whole train of thought could be applied to this blog as well. When I started the blog, I thought that I would never show it to anyone and that my mom, and grandma, and husband (most loyal fans) would read it, and I'd give them some laughs. While I am in no way in the big league in the blogging world, I have been amazed at how much I have been able to teach myself just by studying the people who are really good at what they do. I am going to apply that same approach to  my "real" job. I have made this blog a million times better than it was when I began, and I plan on making it a million times better in the months to come. I am just going to approach Monday with the same attitude. If I approach a new situation caring deeply, wanting to be successful, and willing to work hard and learn from the talent that surrounds me, ultimately, it would seem,  I can't fail. I am starting a fabulous new job, and I want to enjoy where I've gotten. Whew. I just talked myself down. Way to go, me!

In other fabulous news, my family is here. No one can make me feel calmer (and sometimes more insane) than they. Let the weekend of fun commence!

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