Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brighten up!

Twitter is the best. After trying to avoid getting an account because I knew it would be another rabbit hole down which I would likely disappear for hours (or days) on end, I caved in the name of growing this blog. And boy am I glad I did! Yesterday, I got a retweet from Ms. Erin Gates! Thanks, Erin. Appreciate ya!

One of the other amazing things about establishing a Twitter account is that I have come across people and companies I never knew existed. The other day, I gained a follower in Bright Lily. When I followed her back, I got a personal message from her that prompted me to visit the website, and wasn't I excited by what I found! Beautiful jewelry for amazing prices! Check these out.
Or how about a necklace?

I ordered that chunky, gold beauty and I was terribly impressed when it came on Monday. The packaging was lovely, and the necklace was light as air, so even though it looks substantial, it won't put me in a neck brace. Thanks, Twitter. You da best.

Colors are a little off because I Instagrammed this bad boy.

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