Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Musings: Talk Ain't So Cheap Afterall

so true.
Talk is Cheap. That's what they say. But I don't agree. I think that talk is a very valuable commodity. It is one of the only ways to share our experience of the world with others. When we don't talk to each other, when we don't tell each other how we feel, what we think, why we do what we do, we work off of assumptions, suppositions, intuitions, and all these things have the bad habit of being wrong. I am pontificating about this because I am a talker. For instance, while hiking yesterday I complained "I'm carrying the whole conversation here," to the response that I was the only one who felt the need to talk for the duration of the entire seven miles (at least half of which was straight up hill, so I am actually quite impressed that I managed to do that and talk at the same time). Though I'm a socially shy person, I like to talk. I like to talk to the people who are important to me. And, I have been accused of being an over-sharer. Too often, I find I say too much. And not always at the right time. And not always to the right people. I always want to tell people things. Sometimes it is frivolous. I am a notoriously bad secret keeper. Sometimes it is serious. I want to talk because it is, in my mind, "the right thing." I want someone to understand me. Sometimes it is stupid. I like to say the thing that everyone else is thinking, but most people have too much good sense to say (see this post). But, I find that everyone around me does not share this penchant for gabbing about every thought that has the misfortune of crossing his or her mind. Some people think that it is better for everyone just to keep their mouths shut. My mother says this is the Irish in us. I say it's poppycock. And, frankly, I don't get it. I don't get why people in families keep secrets from one another, why couples think that the thing unsaid will diminish instead of grow in consequence (which I find that unsaid things often do), why siblings allow each other to make bad choices without stepping in, why friends think that a white lie is safer than a dark truth. I don't get it. I have been accused of not knowing when to keep my mouth shut. But, I like to think that with me, you know where you stand. You know there is nothing hiding in my closet because I'll open the door for you to take a look inside. Just what I'm thinking about this week...What do you think?

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