Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings: The Shoe That Launched A Thousand Horrors

I got back from an amazingly happy weekend celebrating my brother's engagement. We had a wonderful visit with my new sister-in-law's family. They are awesome, and I want in. But, at least I will get to visit them through my brother.

Currently, J. and I are visiting the east coast and bopping back and forth between parents. Right now, we are staying with my in-laws. This evening we were sitting around the table, enjoying ourselves and having a drink and some snacks, and my father-in-law turned and looked at me and said, "I don't mean to change the subject, but were you talking about me when you mentioned fisherman sandals on Friday?" Shoot. I didn't remember that he owned and wore fisherman sandals.

Caught in the trap. After denouncing fisherman sandals for the world to hear, how would I possibly amend this mishap? I mean, I do really hate fisherman sandals. While I am sticking to my guns, he did make a good argument in defense of the offensive shoe. His rationale is that there are certain locations and situations in which one might want the ventilation provided by a fisherman sandal, but not the offensive exposed toes of the regular sandal. Because exposed toes can be very offensive to the casual onlooker. I did not think of that. Generally, I do not think of toes as particularly offensive despite that fact that my mother had Scotch taped her own toe nail on to attend said party. It fell off. What was she to do?

V. asked me if my father wears fisherman sandals, and, of course, the answer is no. But, if I were really a good daughter, I would probably make sure that my father did not wear pants with holes in the rear end. But, he did. Today. Hanging out with my mom with her taped toe and my dad with his holey pants should be more horrifying than fisherman sandals, but I am not entirely convinced. I love you, V., but ditch those shoes.

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