Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girl Crush

Oh my, my, my. I would like to die and come back as Kate Middleton. In her honor, I will be starting a new feature entitled "Things Kate Middleton Would Not Have to Do," or "TKMWNHTD" (um this will be #TKMWNHTD on Twitter, FYI) it will be just like WWJD, but with a less catchy acronym. While you are waiting with baited breath for the first installment of this new series, let's review why Kate is so great.

Formal Kate: (Really pushing the thin-velope here in look three...eat a cookie, girlfriend. Not that I would complain if I looked like that. )

Semi-formal Kate: Just playing some soccer in my pumps. Could someone hold my fascinator?
Casual Kate-Just Chillin: Princess knows how to rock a skinny jean.
You so pretty! Call me, maybe?


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