Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Isn't it tragic when you live in a first world country, come from the upper middle class, and your family has a summer vacation home, and you pay over 150 dollars to get your hair done so that it is the right shade of blonde, and it is fabulous Friday, and you are thinking to yourself, "Oh, there was nothing that fabulous this week"? I am probably going to hell for that. With that in mind, I decided to do a little mental exercise on perspective.

Here are some unfabulous things I worry about:
Sad relatives.
Missing someone.
Peeling from a sunburn you should never have let yourself get (especially after telling EVERYONE you have ever met in your entire life to wear sunscreen).
The uncertainty of the future.
Ingrown hairs. 

These things can strike even the happiest of upper middle class homes.

Here are some unfabulous things I do not have to worry about:
Smelling from not showering.
Having to eat meals from 7-11.
Fisherman sandals. Do these bother anything else as much as they bother me?
Becoming a crack addict.
Developing pock marked skin from using crystal meth.

Some people do have to worry about these things (including the fisherman sandals--if you are reading this, and you are a man, and you own fisherman sandals, and you have never worried about that fact, there is no time like the present), but I (God willing) will never have to. So, I suppose if the latter list is your reference point, every day in my world is fabulous!

Happy weekend!


  1. Can totally relate about having so called "first world problems," but it's always good to have perspective like you shared here. I'm loving checking out your blog, by the way!!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! Glad you're enjoying the blog.