Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach House Reno

My in-laws purchased a home in Florida a few years ago and have been steadily working to revamp the inside. My mother-in-law asked me to put together a few ideas for her living room. She likes cool, traditionally beachy colors: turquoise, navy, green. The walls are an off-white and the basics will be neutral, which provides the perfect opportunity to accessorize in color. The best thing about that is that accessories that feel tired after a few years can be switched out without disrupting the room too much.

While I think that a blue couch might be outside of her comfort zone, I like the immediate beach feel that this blue brings to the room. The accents are all neutral in this scheme, and the textures and materials feel beach inspired. 
chair couch . seagrass trunk . mirror . media stand . white mirror . standing lamp
Accessorize and add color with pillows. How great is this umbrella pillow! So perfect for the beach.

pillow one . pillow two . pillow three

And make a vacation statement with art. Trey Speegle is the artist, and these two prints together in a room would not only add more color, but would make a great statement. Put them on different walls, and see if guests notice!

image 1 . image 2

Or remind everyone to enjoy the beach with photographs.
Or how about a flamingo? Flamingos remind me of being in Florida when I was little.
Now shake it up, pour yourself a gin and tonic, and relax by the beach!

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