Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Affordable Art

These prints by Coco Draws and Annechovie have already appeared on a number of blogs, but I thought it was worth putting them out there again because they are so pretty and provide a terrific option for affordable, original art.

If you can't afford a real Hermes scarf, why not get a lovely sketch of one?! And a girl can never have too many pairs of ballet flats, real or illustrated. As for me, I do dream of Paris, and this print has a Parisian image for each letter of the alphabet.

The first print here reminded me of my mom who always wears Chanel. This would be a great gift for her. If you are one of the lucky ladies of the world who has a dressing room (or walk in closet) all your own, why not adorn it with some art? I love this turquoise chair. It is so something I would want to put in my house. And, ginger jars are making a come back. This print would be awesome in an gallery wall with lots of other blue and white accoutrements. 

I have to say that I am noticing the decidedly feminine leanings of all my decor choices...

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