Thursday, June 21, 2012

Set Decoration as Inspiration

I am slightly obsessed and want to pay homage to the incredible talents of the writing genius Lena Dunham. So, even though I have already written about Girls, I have plenty more where that came from. Today, Girls is giving me interior inspiration. Embarrassingly enough, I really loved the style of crazy Shosanna's living room. I know, I know. I think that it was almost trying to be a cliche of ridiculous girliness. In looking for images of it, I found a page that showed the set design by Laura Ballinger Gardner from the sketches to the finished product.

Some of the best features of this apartment must be custom. That hot pink chair with the multi-colored back is to-die-for. I would never hang that Sex and The City poster! No. No. No. But, it is a clever homage to the show that Girls is not. I pulled some ideas from the room to put together a version that would be great for an early 20-something in the city!

The couch is the actual couch used in the room. It is from West Elm. While the "Keep Calm" posters are certainly past their prime, it is a cute touch to add some color. The element of the room that I want to take for myself is the double x-benches topped with a tray in place of a coffee table. I think that might be something I try. Love the room. Love the writing. Love the show. Love it. 

chair / throw / ikat pillow / pink trim pillow / glass lamp / couch / poster / rug / x-bench / tray

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