Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

Photo by Gemma La Mana – © 2012 Universal Studios.
This weekend I watched the movie Wanderlust. The majority of the movie takes place at Elysium ("Dreams Dispensed Daily"), which is a commune off the grid somewhere where a bunch of crazy vegan hippies practice free love and alternative child birthing techniques and essentially entrance an overworked and overstressed couple (well, mostly her) played by Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. Elysium seems to be the perfect alternative to the intense stress and rat race of New York City from where the couple departs after both losing their respective jobs.

So, you will be amazed that after a week of little to no stress for me, but lots for J., we found ourselves in our very own Elysium this weekend. In many ways, San Francisco bears a striking resemblance to a hippie commune. While wandering through the park after crossing "booze cruise on Stow Lake" off the summer to-do list, we heard music, and it sounded like a concert. We followed the sound and came upon none other than a bike powered touring music festival--obviously. There were lots of volunteers pedaling like crazy on stationary bikes to keep the speakers and all the electrical running while a lovely young woman sang the song "I don't want to get arrested" at the top of her voice. Then some "golden geese" (a.k.a attractive young women in gold lamé hot-pants) pranced around accepting contributions for the free art while happy hippies smoked some bowls and rocked their kids in hammocks they had strung up in the trees. I know, right? So prepared! I came home feeling remarkably zen.

Sunday was definitely a beach day, and it seemed fitting in the spirit of the weekend to cross another to-do off the list, so we hit up Gray Whale Cove, which is probably one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to, and it is a nudist beach. Upon arriving, we scoped out the scene to see if we felt comfortable staying, and it looked okay to us, so we made a day of it. Not too many nudies. Only a few really. One man walking his dogs, one man lying, quietly in the shade of the cliffs, and another man, presumably homeless, who was nudist only from the waist down--as one is, you know? He was really getting his work out, too. He must have marched up and down the beach thirty times while we were sitting there. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we looked freckled and sunkissed as we went to the local Pacifica Farmers Market for fresh veggies which we then cooked with some quinoa for dinner. 

Maybe the peacefulness and serenity of this weekend was the universe aligning to tell us something. Is commune living in our future? (Actually, I think we might have already tried that.) Do we need to throw off the yoke of consumerist culture, the always wanting more, the keeping up with the Joneses? It's nice to play hippie every now and then, but it would take way more than one Elysium weekend to get me to believe that. For now, I'll stick to listening to music powered by electricity whose sources remains unbeknownst to me and wearing pants. At least for now.

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