Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living Room 2.0 Part Two

I'm continuing to decorate the living room space based on Imperial No. 9.

We have the basics in place. We have a couch, pillows, and paint. Now, let's bling this space out.

Remember that periwinkle and gold are our accent colors.

Gold can come in in the light fixtures. Sconces work well in a small space and can be affixed to the wall on either side of the couch. A gold garden stool is easy to move around the room and use as an accent table for entertaining. Art in the form of a framed silk scarf brings in both the periwinkle and the gold.

A soft throw over a pair of cream chairs offsets the dark couch and walls. The brown and beige rug is soft underfoot and ties the color scheme together.

To finish off the room, I would add a 60s style bar cart (a MUST in any well-dressed home), a basket for throw pillows and blankets, and topiaries to give the room the same greenhouse vibe as the Imperial Number 9. 

The room is earthy in the heart of the city, but the lavender/blue adds real visual interest to an otherwise muted palate.

Later this afternoon, I will have a second post (amazing, yes?) so you can see the movement from inspiration to the final product.

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