Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday: On Getting the Girl and Being Named Jeff

Jef Holm from The Bachelorette
I have known some Jeff's in my day. I have known a Jeff with two fs, and I have known a Geoff with two fs, but I have never had the pleasure of knowing a Jef with one f. There are some differences between the three Jeffs of the species as I have gleaned from my extensive anthropological research.

In asking a girl to marry him, Jeff with two fs might: let her propose to him. He's busy and has no problem with a woman who knows what she wants.

Geoff with two fs might make a grand, romantic gesture: cue flowers, candles, soft music, and sweet words. He's a ladies man after all.

But Jef with one f knows how to make a girl feel like a woman. He will tell you the thing you never knew you always wanted to hear. He will lay you down on the floor of an old, dusty library in Prague and say, "I want to date you so hard and marry the f*** out of you." (Quotation courtesy of Jef on The Bachelorette.)

Absolutely stunning. Home run. Emily, marry this guy yesterday.

Emily is ready for the J(G)e(o)f(f) of her dreams!
I am not sure what "marrying the f***" out of someone entails, but it sounds pretty fabulous.

Happy weekend! See you on Monday!

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