Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ann Taylor, Say What?

I noticed around Christmas time that Ann Taylor had really updated their style. I used to shop at Ann Taylor with my mom when I was in middle school and needed a ladylike dress. In fact, I wore an Ann Taylor dress to my middle school semi-formal and to my middle school graduation. I wore an Ann Taylor dress to the garden party in high school. I bought my first interview suit at Ann Taylor. But, then I stopped shopping there. While they were always good for staples, they were never a fashion forward retailer, in my opinion. But, I stumbled across the website the other day, and I was surprised again, as I had been at Christmas, by their trendier looks. Here are some of my favorite picks.


necklace one / necklace two / gold flats / blue maxi / striped maxi / striped sweater / embellished tank

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