Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Beauty

It is getting to that time of year when the weather dictates shorter hem lines. For people of my pasty complexion, this time of year is met with dread. I am a big proponent of sunscreen, sitting in the shade, wearing a hat, and all the very healthy choices one should make regarding one's skin--until I have to wear a dress somewhere, and then I bemoan my desire not to die of skin cancer as I look down at my translucent legs.

On the way to Palm Springs a few weeks ago, I completely panicked after deciding not to get a spray tan (the only place that does them in the neighborhood requires you to strip naked while they "paint" the tan on--I prefer the booth if I am going to be sprayed. I am also the kind of person who has contemplated on many occasion wearing a robe around the gym locker room), and insisted that we go to the mall on the way to the airport so that I could buy some bronzing cream. Well, the mall was closed until noon (seriously!), and we had to find a Sephora in a local JCPenney that opened earlier because there was no way in hell I was wearing shorts without some backup. Crisis averted. It is moments like this that test the true depth of the love your spouse has for you--mine passed with flying colors as he swiftly found an alternative to the closed mall and paid for my idiotic purchase without so much as a lip curl.

I purchased some "Tantalizer" by Lorac.  It is an interesting product as it does make you look tanner, but it is also VERY sparkly. If you are sitting in the sun, it is quite intense. That being said, it did provide a quick fix for my insane whiteness. Blend thoroughly.

My all-time favorite and "go to" for self-tanning is definitely Jergen's Natural Glow. I always purchase the darkest shade, and it looks natural and subtle.

On the topic of sun-care, I did try the Estee Lauder Beauty Balm mentioned in an earlier post. While I prefer a little more coverage for the average work day (and BB can be layered under make-up), for days out in the sun, this is terrific. I spent the last two days outside and didn't get even the slightest redness on my face. I am not sure it is is transforming my skin, but it is warding off wrinkles in the long term!

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