Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Musings

Well, again, it has been that kind of Monday. Better late than never.

While I had mused over a lot of things I thought were post-worthy over the weekend, this one has been begging to be mentioned all day. I would like to muse on saying "Thank you." The power of "thank you" is really quite exceptional. I have realized that something so simple, when offered genuinely, can create such goodwill. But, when never uttered, particularly when someone has gone out of their way to do something for you, can create hostility and resentfulness (like I am feeling right now). Let me elaborate.

I have been working with an exceptionally difficult person, and, because she wears me down, I have tried to go above and beyond, to kill her with kindness, to extend myself so much so that she can never accuse me of not doing my utmost to support her and her family (which, for the record, she has done vociferously and nastily). Given what she has said to me, her lack of gratitude should not come as a surprise. But, nonetheless, I remain (foolishly) optimistic about humankind. However, she is testing my faith. Despite (and no, I am not tooting my own horn here) my gestures of kindness, does this woman ever say "Hey, thanks!" to me? NO! I don't want flowers, or gifts, or medals, or shouts from the rooftops. All I want is one of these days for her to stop harrassing me, to realize that I have extended myself far beyond what is necessary or expected, and to thank me, Goddammit. Is that too much to ask?

It has made me much more aware of saying thank you to the people who extend themselves for me, and, in return for my simple thanks, I have seen how much joy a moment of appreciation can bring. While I know that this woman will never see this blog, I wish, for a moment, that she might take a look in the mirror and realize how unattractive and foolish she looks on top of her exceptionally high horse.

Rant finished. Thank you for reading, and good day. More positive pretties coming at you tomorrow!

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