Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Friday

In honor of Mother's Day, I would like to shout out to my fabulous (on Friday and all other days) mamma. I have mentioned her already quite a few times in these posts, and while she has made me the all-kinds-of-crazy gal that I am, most of my good qualities are the direct result of her excellent parenting. When I say that my mom was an excellent parent, I mean that she was the kind of parent who makes me scared to have children. That statement bears some explaining. While growing up, I thought that all people parented like my mom; I have since learned that that is not the case (if not from direct observation then certainly from reality television). The equal parts support and freedom, the understanding, unconditional love, and the willingness to talk through and about anything and everything are not qualities all parents have. Because she made being my mom look so effortless, I assumed it was. But, as I've gotten closer to having my own children, I think about the way that my mother has mothered me, and I wonder if (and secretly fear that) I will never be quite as good at it as she was (and is). My mother was that kind of mother hated by all the other mothers; she worked, raised four kids, provided home-baked good for all birthdays, took us on outings on the weekend, drove us to music/sport/dance/orchestra/pokemon club/fencing/playdates, let all our friends call her by her first name, managed to come out at the end of the day looking relatively unfazed, and still nurtured and maintained a healthy, happy, intact marriage to my father. Goddammit, lady. You are making it hard on the rest of us. You (or I) will probably barf if I continue to expound on all my mother's virtues, but it is true: she is one helluva human being. To be a fraction of the mother, friend, boss, person that she is would be to have a life of which I would be proud. 

Now, on the subject of fabulous mommies, my mom didn't get so fabulous by accident. She had a fabulous mom herself. My grandmother made my mother the person she is, and for both that and because of our own unique and truly special relationship, she will always be someone I admire, respect, and love deeply.

And, the newest addition to my mom-posse is my mother-in-law. For raising the kind of man any woman would be lucky to have in her life, she will always have my gratitude and love. 

So, happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous moms, but particularly to mine--I'm biased, but I think they're the most fabulous of all.


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