Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Box of Beauty

I really, really want to get this! Birchbox allows you to receive a box of deluxe samples every month for only $10 (and shipping is free!). They have a box designed for women, and now they also have one designed for men. All the products in the boxes are available on their website, but there is no need to purchase unless you want to. I am beauty product junkie, and when I heard about this amazing concept, I immediately signed up to be on the waiting list. I thought that I could both satisfy my beauty obsession, and I would receive all kinds of products to blog about without going broke with weekly visits to Sephora. I finally got the invite to join, but I was away, or busy, or something, and I didn't sign up right away. I did not stop for beauty and beauty did not stop for me! (Emily Dickinson, anyone?) The offers expires fast, and now I am on the waiting list again. I can't wait to get the message that this ultimate box of treats will be mine.

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