Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings

Ah! I am stressed. You may notice that this post is coming to you late this morning. I had a very busy weekend, which was punctuated by not achieving most of what I needed to get done for my actual job (boring). So, trying to finish what I was supposed to do, but doing this instead because it is what I want to do (and what I want to do tends to win out these days)!

But, you came here for a musing, so here it is. I noticed this weekend that I tend to be a person who always looks up instead of looking down or around. By this I mean that my perspective is often clouded by those who have more, look better, seem happier, or generally have it going on, in my humble opinion. I tend to pay less attention to those who live lives that are similar to mine, and I pay the least attention to those who might see my life and look at it with envy. In fact, I tend to believe that those people don't exist. That is kind of warped, right? I absolutely hate reading blogs about people who have RIDICULOUS houses, designer clothes, insane sports cars, and oodles of fame and fortune who lament their Viking range that has one burner that is out, or their leather leggings that cost $1,000 and got torn while dancing at NYC's hottest new club with Kanye. Puh-lease. Gag.

I am not going to be that type of blogger, writer, or person. So, this Monday I am going to look around every once in a while because, even though I get distracted from this at times, I have it pretty darn good. Does saying that make me conceited?

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