Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Musings

Feeling like a pick me up and rock me out this Monday morning?

Listen to Ellie Goulding. Lights!

First things first: sorry for the delay! I know it is officially afternoon, but somewhere in the world, it is morning, so we will pretend it is the morning. That being said, I have spent the last few days chilling in a nursing home. Is this the proper technical term ? I am not sure. Elder care facility? The common euphemism is, of course, rehabilitation center. Whatever it is called, we all know what it is. Despression-ville. Blank faced old people sit in their wheelchairs looking at you like “Get me the hell out of here.” But, as with all things in life, you either laugh or cry. And there have been a few funny moments.

My sister is a serious proponent of tight pants; she loves them, lives in them, and totally thinks the smaller, the better. I am consistently amazed at her ability to shimmy herself into pants that look like they were designed to fit a toddler. I have talked to her about this a number of times (as I am a proponent of one-size-bigger-is better approach to dressing—but then again, I have the thigh issues…), but to no avail. However, some old broads who station themselves at the entrance to the nursing home (the “Fashion Police” of the unit, if you will) engaged in a loud commentary about my sis’s pants. It went something like this:
Lady One (playing the role of Kelly Osborne): “How does she get herself into those things?”
Lady Two (She was being nice, so I think she would be Giuliana Rancic): “I think that’s the style these days.”
Lady Three (Definitely Joan Rivers): “Even if it is the style, I think she needs to go one size bigger!”

Love it. Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean it works for you. 

(To be fair—my sister looks terrif in skinny jeans. I just like to razz her.)

The highlight of this morning was a trip to “Chintz-and-Printz” fabric store. That was almost as inspiring as a day in the nursing home.

This is proving to be an interesting (ah-hem—euphemism) spring vacation. 

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