Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lust List

Since these days I am dreaming more than buying, I thought I would start a Lust List so that you all might see what I think would be a nice addition to my overstuffed closet.

I love gold! Who doesn't? These pants could take me from a work event to a night out. I know someone who has them and they are a terrific color in person. I have been lusting for a crisp, white, non-iron Brooks Brothers' shirt for ages now. It's timeless. In fact, this all makes quite a nice outfit together.

P.S. Since putting this together, I bought the earrings. Kate Spade was having a "Friends and Family" sale. I am no friend or family of Kate, but I got the coupon via email and couldn't resist. "No Shopping April" was thwarted. It was kind of worth it as I've had these pretties on every day since my purchase. But, like any diet, I am back on the wagon. Let the abstinence re-commence. 

Coral Trousers / White Blouse / Aviators / Watch / Earrings

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