Wednesday, April 25, 2012

J.Crew Love

Any of you readers who actually know me in person know that I am a J.Crew addict. I really mean it, too. I have tried to "leave" my J.Crew card places where I can't get to it. I have tried to cut it up. But then I secretly wrote the card number on a little scrap of paper and hid it in my wallet. I actually presented that to many cashiers. Finally, I broke down and ordered a new card because I looked so foolish with my scrap every time I was in the store trying to buy something I shouldn't have been. And I do get a nice little discount there as well, which just makes the addiction more "justifiable." I can't hold back. And, I am in a terrible cycle because using my card means getting rewards, which you can only use when you pay with your card. Damn credit card companies are so friggen smart.

I have a few spring events coming up, and I am thinking about what I would wear to them while studying the J.Crew website because I am quite convinced that a person need not shop anywhere else. So, I have put together two springtime looks based on products entirely from the site. Now you can get your make-up, accessories, jewelry, and your clothes at the world's most fabulous store. 

All the items chosen could mix and match for a number of great spring outfits!

P.S. My summer rewards card came today. They get me every time.

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