Friday, April 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Yesterday was the first day I haven't posted something since my blogging project began. I felt terrible about it, and I was scrambling to try to find content, to make a collage of some sort, or to think of something witty to say. But, nothing appeared in my mind or on the screen. I was trying to work with some images, but, as I was reminded, I am a Luddite, and I generally have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to computers; my computer was trying to thwart my plans as computers do when you are most pressed for time or anxious. I was beating myself up about not being able to finish something (and about the fact that I completely spaced on Tuesday Beauty this week!!), and someone near and dear reminded me that this is just the beginning of something, that when it starts to become a burden instead of an outlet, it loses its purpose, that I am not a professional blogger, and that I am just learning about placing photos, generating content, and organizing a blog. So true. I am letting myself off the hook for yesterday and getting back at it bigger and better next week.

In terms of this week's fabulousity quotient, it was dangerously low. The great thing about naming Fabulous Friday is that it forces me to think about what was fabulous about this week regardless of how remarkably unfabulous it felt while I was living it. Here is what I have come up with:

1. My dear, dear friend gave birth to a truly beautiful baby girl. (Doesn't get much more fabulous than that!)
2. I went on a terrific date that provided me with good eats and some much needed alone time with my hubs.
3. My hair looks good today.

Okay, so it's not much, but it's something.


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