Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday

How is it Friday again already? This week has been a whirlwind, and not really in the most positive way. But, it has made me think about some things that are positive and fabulous in my life. The most fabulous thing I have is my family. They are truly amazing. Amazing in the way that it makes me a little hesitant to have kids because I am not really sure how my parents did it so well.

About two weeks ago, my grandfather had an emergency surgery and is now in the rehab facility that I mentioned earlier this week. Spending the week there was difficult, stressful, sad, and illuminating. It was illuminating because I saw the way that my family can come together and love one another, take care of one another, and support one another. I saw the extent of my mother's selflessness, my grandmother's devotion. I saw that love really can last a lifetime, and that even in the darkest hours of a person's life, family can be the light.

I have always known how much I love my family. I have always preferred being with my family to being with friends, but it is in moments like this that I am able to see how fabulous my family really is. So while this week wasn't fun per se, it was full of fabulous love.

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