Friday, April 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Every Friday is fabulous indeed, so perhaps Fridays should be a tribute to something fab in my life. This Friday, I would like to recognize the fabulous man to whom I am married. Today is his birthday, which makes it an even more fabulous Friday than usual.

Today is also the beginning of my vacation week, and I will be on a plane to JFK while my husband is at home, alone, working. Not so fabulous.

But, in light of recent family events, my husband gave me our one free (frequent flier) plane ticket so that I might be able to make the trip back east to be with my family. He is a generous, loving man, and he knew how much this would mean to me (even though we had mutually decided to stay put in order to make a dent in number one on my "things to do" list--pay off credit card debt).

If I had the ability to give him anything for his birthday, this is what I would give him:

Success of the kind that fulfills financially, intellectually, and emotionally.
Love today, tomorrow, and always.
Peace of mind.
Expensive bourbon.
A plane ticket to come with me.
The knowledge that next year will be his year. 

He is fabulous indeed.

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