Friday, March 30, 2012

Is Color King?

I am constantly debating the merits of white/cream/neutral rooms with a few touches of color versus the highly eclectic, colorful, boho vibe that I currently have going on in my apartment. I think that neutral rooms look lovely, but there are so many amazing colors in the world. Why limit myself?

One reason I've come up with lately is that color is amazing, but it can also get stale fairly quickly. For instance, I have a very colorful Anthropologie rug in my living room, which fancies up an otherwise fairly bland space. We are renting, so we chose not to paint anything, which is pretty much giving me angina every time I look at the all white walls. And there is wall-to-wall carpeting. My rug was an attempt to spice up my life. When I first rolled it out, I was madly in love. But, like every honeymoon period, I am now wondering what I've gotten myself into as the magic wears off.

Next time--more neutral basics, and I will incorporate color in easily changeable options like pillows, trays, candles, and throws. Seems like a good compromise.

I am loving gray walls. It is neutral, but not white, beige, or cream, and it surprisingly warms up a space. In conclusion, my next project will involve gray walls, a neutral couch and chairs, and colorful gems (which I will purchase when I make a pilgrimage to my very own mecca--Furbish Studio. Oh how I long to see it.)

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