Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bring it On

Phew. I'm here. Today it has already been four days since my twenty-ninth birthday, which means that I am already four days late on embarking on my project of blogging at least five days a week throughout my twenty-ninth year. Way to go, me.

But, better late than never. And recently I have noticed that I am perpetually late.

I am obsessing over turning 30, and I am going to put out into the universe (Oprah and The Secret style) things I hope to accomplish in the next 361 days.

1. Pay off credit card debt.
2. Get pregnant! (Exclamation point warranted.)
3. Finish my novel.
4. Keep a blog. (That means regular posting, lady.)
5. Take a class in interior design.
6. Work out. (And actually push myself.)
7. Stop obsessing. (Impossible, but hey, why not put it on the list?)
8. Turn my shopping obsession into something productive or profitable (What would this thing be? I have no idea.) (By the way, do I actually have a shopping addiction? If so, get treatment.)

That seems like a good start.

Now, I think, according to The Secret, I am just supposed to put my wishes into the universe and they will be responded to in a timely manner. So, here we go. I'm waiting...

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